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He and Brinson had discussed marriage in the past, but amid the din of ringing in 2012, she didn't expect the two-time NBA MVP to get on bended knee at that moment."It was beautiful," Heat teammate Chris Bosh said. It was real nice."The news got out quickly among James' inner circle, with close friend Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers and Heat owner Micky Arison among those tweeting their congratulations before the New Years' parties were winding down.

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MIAMI -- Le Bron James' first order of business in 2012: Drop to one knee and ask longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson to be his wife. Moments after ringing in the new year, James surprised his high school sweetheart by popping the question -- letting very few people in on the secret beforehand.

He did it at a party both to celebrate New Year's Eve and his 27th birthday, which was Friday."My girl, she's very excited," James said Sunday night after he and the Miami Heat beat Charlotte 129-90.

"She would love to answer more questions about it than me. I feel so happy for them and their entire family."James and Brinson are the parents of two sons."I had no idea it was coming," Bosh said.

But she's happy, my family's happy and that's what it's about."With a number of teammates and close friends looking on, James pulled off a bit of a sneak attack. To me, it felt like he was on his knee for an hour. "I just heard some commotion, and yeah, there it was. It was real cool."No wedding date has been announced."It should be a surprise for any woman anytime something like that happens," James said. It was great that all the friends and family were there to bring in a new year.

If you were curious as to the state of Gloria James' dating life, today is your lucky day.

The Internet is slowly deteriorating into a virtual office corner where we all gossip about the latest scuttlebutt surrounding the love life of Le Bron James' mom.Larry Brown Sports and a number of other outlets are reporting 31-year-old rapper 's feed, it's not exactly like he or Gloria James were trying to keep their romance a secret.This has no bearing on James as a player and means nothing when it comes to the Miami Heat and their offseason plans, nor their success in the future.All of the hype centers on the fact that the mother of the best player in the NBA is dating a rapper who is just three years older than her son. It's a story that seems to be handcrafted for Internet denizens who love nothing more than to rubberneck peculiar hookups and celebrity news. She also admitted that her little boys like the beds best — “because they can jump on and off of them.” So now that you know Savannah a little better, don’t you think she and Le Bron are the cutest?!

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