Who is jon favreau dating how to use dating sites safely

President Obama's head speechwriter, Jon Favreau, is poised for a big career change.

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Who is jon favreau dating

The Maxim babe turned White House staffer used to date boombalottie Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau, but now it looks as though he's left her.

Favreau (not the Iron Man guy, kids) was recently spotted with an actress.

Yeah, apparently this has been going on for a little bit, but it's news to us! It's the too-soon end of a potential sexpot political dynasty.

Page Six ran a little item this morning saying that Favreau was seen leaving his fancy Washington apartment complex with Office thespian Rashida Jones in tow. We haven't been this sad since Elaine Chao broke it off with Norman Mineta after that awkward weekend they spent at her parents' place.

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