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It also helps that this conjunction is in trine to her Neptune, which is a planet that can indicate fame and appeal.Moon in Scorpio can also be very sexy (check out this list of famous people with Moon in Scorpio).The Venus conjunct Pluto, and sextile Neptune is the strongest aspect in Beyonce’s chart.

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Background: As some of you know, the Knowles family is not an honest bunch.

They constantly steal other peoples copyrights and have illegally made millions doing so.

They also stole $32,000,000 in royalties from the estate of their deceased first manager, who secured their group Destinys Child a lucrative record deal, which resulted in her surviving kids suing.

It’s too bad Beyonce’s birth time is unknown, as my notes could be more detailed.

Beyonce is very famous for her mass popularity and sex appeal.

Sex appeal is very strongly indicated by her Venus conjunct Pluto.The strength of this aspect is increased by her Moon likely being Scorpio (and Pluto rules Scorpio).I suspect that several of her planets sit strongly at the cusps and probably at least one at an angle. You and what makes you unique, what makes you tick. Astrology reveals all of this in your unique Individual Report.Rulerships can also be very important and could fill in the missing pieces to Beyonce’s chart. There is a wild report that surfaced on a blog and a number of website feedback sections about singer Beyonce Knowles and who her dad may really be.I cannot confirm the contents of the report, but I thought I would write about it and let you formulate your own opinions.

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