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These include the level of alcohol, dangerous driving (such as speeding or running stoplights), and prior knowledge of the dangers of driving while under the influence of alcohol.

In most There is a fine line between the gross negligence element of gross vehicular manslaughter and the implied malice element of second-degree murder.

Malice contemplates a subjective awareness of a higher degree of risk than does gross negligence.

Almost any fatal accident charged as DUI vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence could also be charged as a , that the decision made it “a virtual certainty that any individual who knowingly drives to a social outing, takes a few drinks, and while driving home is involved in an accident in which a death occurs, may be charged with murder in the second degree.”In some cases, we retain accident reconstruction experts to evaluate the findings of the prosecution’s experts.

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and subsequent appellate court cases is that the implied malice element of second-degree murder (which carries a fifteen-year to life sentence) can be proven by a combination of facts in any given case.

We have hire private investigators to re-interview witnesses or locate witnesses not interviewed by law enforcement.

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