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The first big update to Windows 10, which should be arriving today via Windows Update, fixes a lot of problems with Windows 10.

It’ll arrive through Windows Update – not through the Store, as Windows 8.1 did. When it was originally released, Microsoft didn’t really explain how the upgrade process worked.

We did the research and explained how to clean install Windows 10, which was an unnecessarily confusing process.

Later, Microsoft posted documentation to its website in an attempt to explain this stuff. When you install Windows 10, you can enter your PC’s Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 product key and it should activate properly if that PC was eligible for the upgrade.

The “digital entitlement” process — where your PC activates automatically without entering a product key — is also better explained.

But, like the app advertisements in Microsoft Edge, this feature encourages Windows 10 users to install and use more apps from the Store. Microsoft Edge was updated to a new version, and it features support for new HTML5, CSS3, and ECMAScript features in its engine.

The big two user-facing features are tab previews — just mouse over a tab in the titlebar — and syncing of your favorites and reading list across all your Windows 10 devices.Microsoft Edge won’t be receiving browser extensions yet, however — those have been delayed.Under Settings Activation, you’ll now see “Windows 10 on this device is activated with a digital entitlement” if it activated without requiring a product key.Colored title bars are back, so you don’t have to perform obnoxious hacks if you don’t like those standard white title bars.Just visit Settings The Start menu will now show you “occasional suggestions” recommending apps you should install when you open it. This means Windows 10 finally has built-in tracking, so you can track your laptop or tablet if you lose it via GPS and location services — without using a third-party application like Prey.It’s just another feature that makes the Start menu noisy for Windows 10 users. You can also tell Windows 10 to periodically send your device’s location to Microsoft’s servers, allowing you to view its last known location if you ever lose it.

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