Updating bathroom on a budget

So you’re ready to redecorate and redesign your bathroom.But dropping ,000 on a deluxe spa retreat is light years away from what you can afford to spend.

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If you have more to spend, you can focus on larger changes, such as adding tile, a bigger shower, or a window. So what can you do to save money on your bathroom redesign or remodel?

Tile gets expensive, especially when you hire a contractor to lay it all out for you.

To save money, limit the amount of tile and focus on high-impact areas like the floor (instead of the floor If you’ve got your heart set on tile that’s artistic and expensive, use it as an accent alongside a cheaper tile.

Not only will the artistic tiles be more noticeable, but you’ll save a ton of money by only using a few here and there.

A popular trend is to splurge on granite countertops. Neutral colors like tan, brown, and light beige are more popular, which means they’re more expensive.

Because the bathroom counter is so small, the investment is often fairly low compared to what you’d spend on kitchen counters, for example. To save money, consider and price out a wider swath of colors.

Another way to save on granite countertops is to buy a slab containing imperfections.

However, if you do the work yourself and get creative, This Old House estimates that you can do a remodel for ,000 to ,000, or even less, depending on how much you want to change.

Moreover, updating or adding a bathroom to your home is a home improvement project that adds value.

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