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Charlie wants to make a business deal with Jordan's ex-husband, but he knows Jordan won't go along if she knows the identity of the business partner.

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Meanwhile, Lacey pretends to be in a coma in her latest scam to make money.

Charlie begins dating a private investigator, who challenges him to try and cheat on her without her realizing.

Meanwhile, Lacey works as a nude model for Patrick's art class, causing Nolan to take a sudden interest in art.

Charlie begins dating his computer nerd ex girlfriend again, who then hacks into his computer and takes over his life.

Meanwhile, Lacey launches a plan with Patrick to trick her rival into having sex with Ed.

Charlie tries to surprise Ed by inviting his wife to Thanksgiving dinner, but Ed shows up with his new girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Jordan causes a scene at dinner because she suspects that Sean is cheating on her.

A new patient in Charlie's group claims to be the Devil, and Nolan sells his soul to him to get Lacey to love him.

Jennifer and Sam take an interest in their new neighbors, and Martin tries to get Charlie back to church.

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