Sm nd dating garnet

Okudaira T, Takeshita T, Hara I, Ando J: Study of the deformed rock samples of the Department Earth and Planetary Systems Science, Faculty of Science, Hiroshima University (2): Temperature estimate of the conditions for transition from basal Okudaira T, Hara I, Takeshita T: Emplacement mechanism of the Older Ryoke granites in the Yanai district, southwest Japan, with special reference to extensional deformation in the Ryoke metamorphic belt.

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Okudaira T, Hamamoto T, Hari Prasad B, Rajneesh-Kumar: Sm-Nd and Rb-Sr dating of amphibolite from the Nellore-Khammam schist belt, SE India: constraints on the collision of the Eastern Ghats terrane and Dharwar-Bastar craton.

Okudaira T, Hayasaka Y, Himeno O, Watanabe K, Sakurai Y, Ohtomo Y: Cooling and inferred exhumation history of the Ryoke metamorphic belt in the Yanai district, south-west Japan: constraints from Rb-Sr and fission-track ages of gneissose granitoid and numerical modeling.

Gamo T, Chiba H, Yamanaka T, Okudaira T, Hashimoto J, Tsuchida S, Ishibashi J, Tsunogai U, Okamura K, Sano Y, Shinjo R: Chemical characteristics of newly discovered black-smoker fluids and associated hydrothermal plumes at the Rodriguez Triple Junction, Central Indian Ridge. Ghatak G, Hamamoto T, Hari Prasad B, Mathavan M, Miyashita Y, Miyazaki T, Moses BVC, Okudaira T, Osanai Y, Prame WK, Rajneesh-Kumar, Rao AT, Shirahata H, Suzuki T, Takano N, Tani Y, Tsuchiya T, Wada H, Yoshikura S: Field studies of Proterozoic terrains in Peninssular India and Sri Lanka during 1997-1998.

Academic staff at Department of Geosciences, Osaka City University (Lecturer, 1997 / 2007; Associate Professor, 2007 / present) JSPS Research Fellow at University of Tokyo (1996 / 1997) Ph D from Hiroshima University (1995), MSc from Hiroshima University (1992), Nasheeth A, Okudaira T, Horie K, Hokada T, Satish-Kumar M: U-Pb SHRIMP ages of zircons from Hiriyur Formation in Chitradurga greenstone belt and its implication to the Neoarchean evolution of Dharwar craton, South India. Stunitz H, Fusseis F: High-temperature fracturing and subsequent grain-size-sensitive creep in lower crustal gabbros: evidence for coseismic loading followed by creep during decaying stress in the lower crust? Nagahashi Y, Kikkawa K, Nakai S, Okudaira T, Yoshikawa S, Yoshida T: Petrological property of tephra beds based on the major and trace composition of volcanic glass shards -Case study of the Osaka Group and the Takashima-oki drilling core sediments in Lake Biwa, Kinki district, Japan-.

Nasheeth A, Okudaira T, Satish-Kumar M, Hokada T, Ueno Y: Preliminary results of field survey, petrography and geochemistry on the Chitradurga shear zone in the Hiriyur area, the Dharwar craton, South India.

Murakami-Kitase A, Okudaira T, Inoue J: Relationship between surface morphology and chemical composition of spheroidal carbonaceous particles within sediment core samples recovered from Osaka Bay, Japan.Okudaira T, Beppu Y, Yano R, Tsuyama M, Ishii, K: Mid-crustal horizontal shear zone in the forearc region of the mid-Cretaceous SW Japan arc, inferred from strain analysis of rocks within the Ryoke metamorphic belt Seddique AA, Masuda H, Mitamura M, Shinoda K, Okudaira T, Yamanaka T, Itai T, Maruoka T, Uesugi K, Ahmed KM: Reply to the comment on "Arsenic release from biotite into a Holocene groundwater aquifer in Bangladesh" by Anawar HM, Mihaljevi M.Kokonyangi JW, Kampunzu AB, Armstrong R, Arima M, Yoshida M, Okudaira T: U-Pb dating of detrital zircons from the Nzilo Group (Kibaran Belt): implications for the source of sediments and Mesoproterozoic evolution of central Africa.Kokonyangi J, Kampunzu AB, Poujol M, Okudaira T, Yoshida M, Shabeer KP: Petrology and geochronology of Mesoproterozoic mafic-intermediate mafic rocks from Mitwaba (SE Congo): implications for the evolution of the Kibaran belt in central Africa.Imon R, Okudaira T, Kanagawa K: Development of shape- and lattice-preferred orientations of amphibole grains during initial cataclastic deformation and subsequent deformation by dissolution-precipitation creep in amphibolites from the Ryoke metamorphic belt, SW Japan.Kokonyangi J, Armstrong R, Kampunzu AB, Yoshida M, Okudaira T: U-Pb zircon geochrolonogy and geochemistry of granitoids from the Mesoproterozoic Kibarides belt, Mitwaba-Katanga (Congo): petrogenetic and geotectonic implications.

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