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Like how royalty from your world prized purple or whatever. But before you could really think any more on these 'trolls' or their odd fixation on fashion you were tugged forward by the captain of the slave trade ship.She'd seen the curious and oddly lustful looks some of the trolls had been giving you.

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That would be very bad for her because she'd already contacted all the highest bloods and invited them to her next slave auction.

Having to tell them you'd been stolen could end up getting her culled. The slaves were taken to a wide stone building that made you think of a prison.

What with its high stone walls and narrow entry gate it could definitely pass for one if needed. But while the trolls were herded to the left, you were dragged to the right by the captain.

Your goal in this interesting and complex adult sex game is to train your own slave.

The story takes place in the kingdom of Mioya which is well known for the slaves trained there. Just click the buttons in Planning and Actions Menus. It will take you long time to train a good slave, so the Save function in System menu comes pretty handy.

These girls are trained to serve their masters in every possible way.

Since you were a child, you have shown impressive skills to become a good Slave Master.

DUALSCAR'S SLAVE GIRL~(Part 1)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~After the ship docked you and the other prisoners were taken off the ship and to what looked like a Uhaul for horses!

The kind with the slats on the side so the live cargo could breath.

Walking out in the open was so awkward for you because every single 'troll' you passed was staring at you like you were a freak show. And after a time of observing you began to notice a few things. You noticed that trolls who were slaves or workers were made to wear warm colors. But the ones who were giving the orders wore cool colors like different shades of blue and the occasional teal.

Some pointed and whispered while others just flat out gaped like a school of fish out of water. You wondered if this was a type of uniform of the classes.

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