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I never asked her for her phone number but I sent her my phone number and told that please call me on this number for only one time and tell that you are a facebook girl. This was a brief account of hot chat I used to do with that hot Indian girl.

I knew this is a tough work but I kept trying again and again and I found one girl in this effort. Priya had placed a fake profile pic of any girl and perhaps she never wanted to reveal her identity, but she was a girl. But the question was how to verify that she was a girl or boy.

In starting I thought she may be a boy, I waited for her to come online. There are many other Indian boys who are having fake profiles and they use them to fool others. I asked her for a pic but she refused, she told that her family members are so much strict and they would never like me to go for a date or some one recognize me.

She even told that my brother is on facebook and he monitors my profiles so, I could not upload any profile pic on my facebook. I said her to do one thing to make me believe that she is a girl.

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We provide some of the best free live sex chat for the user of our site Hii friends, do you chat on facebook with Indian girls? I especially sent those requests to those girls who looked me smarter and sexy. I kept searching for fuck bitches, but it was a tougher task. Very soon my ban on sending friend requests was lifted and I again started searching good Indian girls on facebook. Fuck her online and let her expose for you on your direction. Now it is declared an offence on facebook, but that time it was not the condition. If you are luckiest one and the girl accepts your video call then enjoy your luck. Then I was a bit computer illiterate but joined this site with an expectation that some good Indian bitches will be contacted through this one and then I will be able to seduce them for a date or any kind of fuck like a phone sex or some thing that she may decide. Initially facebook tolerated this but very soon the blocked me for sending friend requests to unknown people on the facebook. It is such a joyful act that will gate your dick harder in even text chats.

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