Nude and dating

For the last months a guy i trust has been asking me to send him "dirty" pictures on snapchat.We then took pictures when he sended us pictures of his dick without him knowing and sended them to each other.

Got an email from a brosephine but it was too long to read so its here to read if you want to! Just watched the two videos about why girls send naked photos of themselves and how to get girls to send you naked pictures. I continue to send him these pictures in the following days, more and more, and a little dirtier each time. Now lately Ive been holding back a little since Ive recently seen methods and apps for saving snapchat photos. So i dont want to tell him that im not willing to send because Ive seen these methods and apps, because what if he doesn't know about them? When i got to know her i soon realized she was alot like me! She explained to me that when she sended he replied with sending pics of his dick. Me and this girl became even more friends and after i told her i had been "chatting" with the same guy we decided that he was really gross and to get even with him.

So i send him a picture of me in my underwear to not seem like a pussy (really bad word for the situation, haha). A little while ago i became friends with a girl in my class that ive never looked at as "cool" enough. Then i got to know that she was sending "dirty" and even nude pics to the same guy i was.

Since it was snapchat, i actually considered it, since the picture cannot be saved (as far as i knew then).

I'm looking for friends to hang around naked with in the New York Tri State Area.

We could chill,have fun,become friends and enjoy each other's company.

Early 20s to 70s,male/ female/straight/gay/curious welcom…

are scarce on the ground despite the fact that there are many people interested in going naked in South Africa.

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