Mingle fee dating at our world exotic dating service

I am a very sexy attractive woman who just newly separated and needed a few friends to mingle with.. it does seem they are not trying to tease me just to keep me on. if your into cyber sex or cams, it might be ok,,but the profile is like 3 sentences, thats it!!

I'm not a bad looking guy and I've sent out tons of messages using the messaging feature and I haven't received any responses.

Besides that I have not received a single random message from anyone. I'm on other sites and I get a fair amount of attention. All suffer from being plagued with scammers but there are real people on these sites. I am a German guy (in fact not Ethnic German but I happen to be born here).

I'm ethnically half italian half brazilian and I uploaded a pic in just for fun, therefore I haven't paid any single fee to the website.

What makes it worse is that the website will actually kick you out frequently.

That happened after I actually paid the membership.

DO NOT waste your time and money on Meetlocals.com!!!!! I am a female and I have had no problem finding men to talk to.. Just have to know how to approach a woman and she may respond back.. I got suspicous after i canceled, because i got 2 messages from the same 2 within 24 hrs, I think.

I just wanted to say it has real people on it and I am one of them.. Those women who look like they are working a pole at night or a running a web sight out of their house you may want to stay clear from.. But I think coincidence, as I have answered back n not had any more.

My profile has been visited for a considerable amount of girls (Mostly Americans) and so far I have received 10 friend request from some hawt girls, as well some messages from them.

Since I haven't upgraded my account, I don't know what these gals would like to say to me so far, and honestly I am not that interested. I made my profile there inactive for few days which is supposed to mean nobody is able to see my profile in search or contact me, yet I still received a couple messages and was still receiving friend requests without doing ANYTHING! Pretty easy way to tell its a scam, Put up an empty profile with NO PICTURE and basically no info and see what happens.

I believe the site is a scam for money, all the fems seem to email from america which is hardly local. Get daily friend requests from really hot girls, get messages (that of course you can't read) from hotties as well just like Adriano over there fake... I should have researched a bit before getting the damn membership.

Contacted them & they couldnt even get right which datin site I was askin about as they have so many scams running. Once you paid it, it still wouldn't allow you to view other's profiles.

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