Islam and dating lecture

Some are formal, some are necessary while others are casual .

We have relationships with our friends, relationships with our work colleagues, relationships with our neighbors, and relationships, even with our pets but why is there a need to have a relationship with a book that is fourteen hundred years old and for many of us in a foreign language? For the answer listen to the lecture and pray for the Shaykh.

, the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church of Vatican II, states that the Mohammedans “profess their faith as the faith of Abraham, and with us they worship the one, merciful God who will judge men on the last day” (par 16).

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And the assumed agreement that God is one provides little basis for further agreement about what flows from it.

Islam confronts religion and politics as we know them with questions of the true and the false, with questions of life and death.

Seemingly both fascinated and paralyzed, we watch Christians and others killed or beheaded before our very eyes in the most brutal manner. Elijah near Mosul in Iraq, dating from the 600s AD, was recently not just destroyed, but pulverized, not for any military reason but to erase any sign of historic Christian presence there.

We “agree” about a last judgment and a merciful God who is one.

This mutual understanding apparently comes from Abraham.

This way of putting the issue argues to a common origin of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, each of which “appeared” in history at different times—the New Testament some twelve hundred years after Abraham and Islam some seven hundred years after the time of Christ.But when we examine what each tradition means by unity, worship, judgment, and mercy, we hesitate to affirm that they mean the same things by the same words.How many of us can honestly say we prefer sitting with our family over our friends?Ustadh Abdel Rahman Murphy talks about the importance of happiness within the family home using anecdotes from his own experiences in this lecture.As human beings we cultivate relationships throughout our lives.From the day we are born to the day we will die our lives are surrounded by multiple forms of relationships.

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