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She couldn’t believe how her love life had finally seemed to start falling into place!

While away on their romantic vacation together, Sara happened across a cell phone in John’s bag that didn’t look familiar while looking for his sunglasses he had requested.

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I have a good friend Sara, who recently met the man of her dreams (John) through an online dating service. She had been very careful about the information she exposed about herself online, and has a ruthless screening process when it comes to choosing men to meet in a public place for a first date.

However, despite all this, she still became a victim to the online dating horror stories which have become so common across the Internet.

After several meetings in public, she started getting really serious with John and began to trust him enough to exchange phone numbers, addresses and even invited him into her home a few times.

Finally, after several weeks of dating exclusively, they planned a weekend getaway to the islands to try and relax.

The moral of Sara’s story is that if she would have exercised due diligence in researching the most obvious things in John’s past (such as marriage records and divorce records) to determine his fitness as a first date, she could have saved herself a ton of time and heartbreak.

She didn’t realize until it was too late that the online dating site she used to find John did not conduct thorough background checks on its members to determine if their claimed marital status and history was truthful.Fortunately, there are services out there that allow online daters to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing for certain that your date does not have any divorce or marriage records in his or her past.Sara confronted John about the phone and he claimed that the picture was that of his ex-wife and children.Up until now, he had never disclosed the fact that he had ever been married nor had children.Unfortunately, things started to unravel after returning home and Sara eventually discovered that John was, in fact, still married to the woman in the picture and living at home with her.No wonder he preferred meeting at her place or at a hotel!

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