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The vulnerabilities, which the researchers dubbed "Quad Rooter," affect Android devices that use Qualcomm chipsets. The drivers, which control communications between chipset components, are incorporated into Android builds.

Samsung on Tuesday unveiled its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note7.

It has an iris-scanning feature that combines with Samsung Knox for security, as well as a fingerprint scanner.

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A Russian regulatory authority earlier this week named Apple, along with more than a dozen Russian retailers, as a target for an investigation into price-fixing activities.

The Federal Antimonopoly Service, or FAS, has seen signs of price-setting coordination among i Phone resellers in Russia, according to a notice published on the agency's website.

Four newly identified vulnerabilities could affect 900 million Android devices, Check Point researchers disclosed.

Possums are natives of Australia and some of the surrounding island countries, have fuzzy tails, and look more like chubby brown lemurs, though there’s a lot of variety among the 70 subspecies.

Poor Suzie, she may be a little underprepared for this.

She’s wanted to be a reporter forever, but doesn’t quite have the requisite banked knowledge yet.

In my head, Maxima’s teacher with matches comment was longer and a bit more antagonistic, but the editor in me said she’s probably at least trying to play ball a little here and not make an enemy of the press right off the bat.

Since I know someone will mention it, apparently both “possum” and “opossum” are correct.

They’re actually two similar but different animals.

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