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We rented a bunch of jeeps for a guided perusal of tourist traps around the island and took turns driving. It was there in an empty parking lot not far from the National rental office near the O’Hare airport that I learned the value of the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), and why you really can accelerate or decelerate too rapidly on ice.I knew it was a half-hour’s worth of practice driving well spent, but I didn’t realize how much, till a few weeks after.

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My impression of the place is that it isn’t really a place you’d schedule a vacation to visit, but is a pleasant place to be if your path does take you there.

I had already been to the state of Washington three times before this visit: twice to Seattle, and once to Olympia.

But this was the first time I traveled east beyond the Cascadian Mountains, and past the micro-climate that was stereotypical of the state and into the more arid central portion: Wenatchee, WA.

#airtravel #packinglist A380 airport BHM blog canada consulates Cork DFW DVO fee Filipino Fleet Week flight food hobby Italy kalamansi LAX MNL New York OFW concerns ORD PAL passport planespotting San Francisco Sci Fi SFO SJC Slice of life snow Taiwan technology timeline UA visa YOW The year opened with a cruise. My company had chartered a ship for a conference for it’s sales partners and I was one of the staff working behind the scenes to make the magic happen.

It marked my first visit to Florida, as the boat set off from Tampa Bay, and my first visit to Cozumel.

My enduring memory of this Mayan Riviera destination will be my first stick-shift drive in almost 14 years. Trips to the “Polar Vortex” The weather channel catch-phrase for the winter of 2013-2014 was the “Polar Vortex” a weather system that brought arctic temperatures to much of North America and resulting in an unusually long winter.My department took some well deserved, but brief, R&R on the island in the form of a “Jeep tour”. I caught the opening act of this drama when I was deployed to Lincolnshire, IL, and had my very first taste of winter driving.Pretty fascinating experience if your not expecting it.Not quite ready to call it a favorite at this point. Most of my past trips to the south east were either in Winter or Fall.Had never been there during the Spring – Summer transition. On the tail end of the trip, I experienced my first thunderstorm in a looong time. Downtown Durham had a number of nice public events on my one free day.The more lively one was at the old Lucky Strike Factory.

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