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There is a way to book flights and hotels all over the world without spending your own money.

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(MORE: 9 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Next Vacation) Secondly, if you are opening up one or two new cards, the ding from the credit inquiry is very temporary. Additionally, one of the major factors to your credit score is the debt/credit ratio, which having a new card increases.

I have opened many cards (I currently have 17), and my credit score is currently 791. The payoff for all this work is the ability to travel for free – from family vacation to first-class international flights and suites in five-star hotels.

To get you started, here are a few tips for ensuring that some portion of your next vacation is free.

(Note: If you don’t pay off your balance in full each month, do not get one of these cards – the higher interest rates negate any positive affect they have towards free travel.) A lot of people worry about the fees associated with these cards, as well as hurting their credit.

While most good travel rewards card have yearly fees, it’s usually waived the first year you sign up.

When that first year is up, you can either cancel the credit card or, in many situations, switch to a no-fee card.

They will often waive the fee if you threaten to cancel.

The ins and outs of travel hacking can fill a book; in fact, I wrote just such a book recently.

A lot of travel hacking begins with credit cards because it’s an easy win – you receive a large sign-up bonus, as well more points for your everyday spending.

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