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From Dame Helen Mirren to Rochelle Humes, their quaint and quintessentially pretty prints are a firm favourite with the fashion world.This pencil dress is a particularly pricey piece, but of course, florals are a perennial trend so you'll be wearing this one for years to come. But if you don't have a spare £1400 to spend on making like Miranda, shop our high street finds from below.

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Admittedly, supermodel Miranda Kerr could wear a bin bag and look incredible.

But her covetable collection of clothes are always a source of wardrobe inspiration and today's Dolce and Gabbana dress is making us particularly green with envy.

Prints are one of the things this dynamic design duo does best, but they went really big on florals for this season.

It seems everyone has rocked a floral frock by Dolce and Gabbana recently.

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