Finding a third for dating

Fast forward to a couple of months ago when I tripped over a booklet floating around in cyberspace.

I get a lot of interesting bits of flotsam forwarded to me by readers and authors and others, who know I have a more than vested interest in all things ménage and MMF.

This little booklet was an anonymous handbook on how to find a third person for menages. It was written by a man and I have to assume it was a young man by the assumptions and attitudes displayed.

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Finding a third for dating

He advised that for threesomes you look for the former only.

As much as women like sex these days, the percentage that could be defined or define themselves as sex-freaks is somewhat low.

The percentage that would enjoy fitting into this guy’s category as non-girlfriend material and therefore suitable for a quick threesome and then being discarded would be even lower, I suspect.

The booklet goes on to describe various set-ups for getting the woman into bed with a third, most of them cons of one sort or another.

When I was studying law, back in the dark ages, I turned in an assignment that I had sweated to complete and was pretty confident of scoring a Distinction (95% or better).

I scored Honours only and was distraught (yeah, I was that geeky).

When I asked what had gone wrong, the professor pointed out that in the very first paragraph of my assignment I had made an assumption and discarded half of the field of discussion, only focusing on one half of the arena.

I had done so well with that discussion, that I scored Honours, but by ignoring fifty percent of the possibilities, I had shot myself in the foot.

It was a distasteful little book that left me feeling quite uncomfortable.

But the point of this post is not to lambast the book.

I’m not going to mention the title or even where I got it.

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