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The Dictionary of Canadian Biography contains an excellent account of the life of the Reverend David Francois de Montmollin at Bio.asp?Bio Id=36684&query=Marler David Francois de Montmollin by George C.

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In fact had not the natives helped support the mariners with cedar tea, they would have perished from scurvy, and we would not have the rich human endowment that stems from France.

My own ancestor came with the British army to fight in the War of 1812.

After the war, he emigrated to Montreal in the Eastern Townships. Eventually they escaped the heat and humidity of Montreal by spending their summers in the Lower St. It was to Quebec City that the Reverend David Francois de Montmollin had come at the behest of King George III in the year 1768.

The King selected him to serve the Anglican Church in Quebec City, believing that de Montmollin would succeed in converting French Catholics to the Protestant faith.

He had a congregation of at most 19 persons and held services in a Franciscan monastery.

From 1768-1770, he reported "Burials 80, Baptisms 78.Marriages 29, Proselytes 2." He had 3 sons, of whom Jean Samuel and Jean Frederic migrated to Vergennes, Vermont in 1792.De Montmollin was born in 1721 in Montmollin, a municipality in the district of Val-de-Ruz, in the canton of Neuch√Ętel, Switzerland.He studied medicine in Basle, Leyden and London and was ordained in the Anglican Church in London in 1768.At the time of his arrival in Quebec City, there were but 200 Protestants in Lower Canada, mostly disbanded soldiers, while there were 80,000 'new subjects' of French descent.The Reverend de Montmollin spoke French and very little English.

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