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If you're getting divorced, you're probably worried about your child or children.So you'll be heartened to know that the research shows that kids can cope with a divorce and come out ok. In fact, many children whose parents make the decision to divorce are emotionally wounded in a way that lingers throughout their lives.

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Try resolve the financial issues quickly and move on.

That might mean shared custody, or it might mean that the kids live with one parent but see the other parent very often.

This dramatically increases the chances that your child will grow up emotionally intact. What's damaging for your kid is feeling abandoned by the other parent.

Just keep telling yourself that kids need both their parents. And that happens to so many children whose fathers don't have much visitation time with them.

It's hard for any child to go back and forth from one home to another, and all kids will need extra support.

What matters most, however, is that the child can express her distress about separation from the other parent and receive understanding from the parent she is with.

That empathy for the child's distress will actually strengthen her relationship with that parent, and the relationship will begin to deepen so that the child feels close to both parents.

The top risk factors for kids when parents divorce are: You may not be marital partners, but you will always be child-raising partners.

Keep reaffirming this to yourself every time you get mad at your ex.

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