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It seems Caitlyn Jenner has one last little secret!When the reality star turned trans icon announced her decision to transition, the 65-year-old reality superstar insisted that it had nothing to do with her sexuality, and that she would continue dating women, as she had for decades.

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Consequently, many men end up investing a significant amount of time, effort, and money pursuing the romantic or sexual companionship of women who have no desire other than to ‘use’ men for their own self-serving objectives.

Very few men who are primarily interested in engaging in Relationship Type B with a woman have the bold courage to communicate their sexual desires, interests, and intentions to women in an upfront, specific, straightforwardly honest manner.

What many men are taught to do by many conventional ‘Pickup Artist’ (PUA) types is to initially, temporarily, or indefinitely give a woman the impression that his primary interest is Relationship Type C , but then, once that woman enthusiastically agrees to have sex with him, that man will then slowly but surely reveal to the woman that he has no desire for any type of relationship that is long-term or monogamous.

“Everyone is really bothered by this because no one knows what to make of it.

Consequently, many men lose out on opportunities to engage in one or more episodes of short-term and/or non-monogamous sex with women of interest.

This is a woman who will initially, temporarily, or indefinitely will give a man the misleading impression that she is open to the idea of very gradually transitioning into Relationship Type C – or even Relationship Type B – when in reality, this woman is only looking to recruit a man who is very flattering and accommodating, has a very funny, witty, and entertaining personality, and will potentially spoil her with financial and non-financial favors exclusively within the context of Relationship Type A.

Most men in society are not very good when it comes to communicating their true desires and interests to types.

Jenner admitted on a recent episode of PHOTOS: ‘I Am A Woman’ — 30 Bombshell Revelations From Transgender Reality Star Bruce Jenner’s TV Interview With Diane Sawyer “In the beginning of her transition, Caitlyn wasn’t ready to reveal that she was, indeed, interested in men,” a source told Radar.

“So her camp leaked that Caitlyn was only interested in women as was getting ready to premiere.” According to the insider, “It’s been a journey and the kids would have freaked out at the onset if she said she was going to date guys.

But Caitlyn has always talked about dating men privately.” PHOTOS: The Biggest Mistake Of Her Life?

Caitlyn Jenner Reveals She Had Second Thoughts About Saying Goodbye To Bruce “All of her children are really confused about her admission because they now believe that there is more to this story than Caitlyn initially let on,” said the source.

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