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” with a red handkerchief tied into a bow around her head.At the time, women were stay-at-home mom’s taking care of the children and the home while their husbands were away on the front lines.

Social evolution does not occur spontaneously, and as changes eventually do begin to take place, there is usually some factor responsible for the development.

While changes in gender roles over time do affect advertisements, it is more common for the media to instigate the changes in gender roles and affect gender socialization.

Rosie the Riveter is just one of the many examples.

Rosie the Riveter appeared during World War II as a picture of a woman with her sleeve rolled up showing her muscle and saying “We can do it!

Clean and Windex commercials generally show women cleaning the bathroom and washing the windows instead of men?

Or why Budweiser beer commercials show men sitting around watching sports with their buddies while sipping a beer instead of women?

The answer is simple: women, not men, are expected to clean the house and it is more socially acceptable for a man to lug around the house with a beer than it is for a woman.

But do we blame the commercials for creating these social standards, or do we blame our social standards for creating these commercials?

“With some ten million men at war and the rest at work, America needed it’s women to go to work to build the planes, tanks, and ships needed to fight Hitler…

so the government teamed up with industry, the media, and women’s organizations in an effort to urge [women] to join the labor force by telling them it was their ‘patriotic duty’ to go to work…

slogans such as ‘Victory is in Your Hands,’ and ‘Women, the War Needs You!

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