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The new model of dating has arrived, and the women behind it are unabashed at what they are doing.

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They seek out sugar daddies for “companionship” to pay off loans and tuition.

These enterprising young women are reportedly earning around $4,000 a month seeing men who are sometimes older than their fathers.

Between studying and classes, they go on weekend getaways and attend parties and functions with the men.

“Daddies make sure their babies get into the careers, grad schools and internships that they want,” said Angela Jacob Bermudo, a public relations manager for Seeking Arrangement. Some are older, in their mid-thirties and early forties. An Arizona widow and mother-of-two, Phoenix makes $60,000 a year dating a sugar daddy. Daddies Date Babies Sugar dating is so popular right now that it’s the subject of a new short documentary film. It’s meant to provoke “conversations about the benefits and risks of sugar dating while challenging our cultural norms for sex, money and relationships.” Pay to Play: The New Math Of course, there’s a fine line between being a hooker and being a sugar baby, but these meeting-place sites are legitimizing the practice of women seeking out wealthy men who will pay to play. Prostitutes are paid out-right for sex, and they don’t often have the option to “pick” their clients.

Sugar babies — young women (and men) who “date” older, richer men (and women) — are seeking out sugar daddies in droves these days to help them pay their bills and college tuition.

Sites like Sugar, Seeking and Sugar Daddy For Me are proving as popular as traditional dating portals like e Harmony and

These sugar sites, which are entirely mainstream, are definitely not online brothels.

The stigma of women looking for a man to pay for dinners, buy her gifts like Louboutins and leave her wads of cash as tips, is actually moving to the wayside.

“Daddies Date Babies” offers a glimpse behind the relationships of five sugar babies living in New York City who are working towards their college or grad school degrees. Sugar babies are entrepreneurs, “investing” in older, wealthier men whom they “date” to turn a profit.

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