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To get my first guitar off a piece of paper, it took me over three years of drawing and redrawing, cutting bodies, and then more drawing []. and you average the lines, the body shape that comes out looks god-awful.It took a long time to get the body shape to the point that it was comfortable to the eye, comfortable with the way it felt, and comfortable to how it works as part of a musical instrument.

anniversary, Smith gave fans and PRS owners an opportunity to ask him questions when he took over our Facebook account for about 90 minutes.

Thanks to all of your inquiries, we uncovered a few nuggets of the luthier’s personal and professional life that were previously kept under wraps. One door closes on a guitarist, the next opens for an award-winning guitar builder.

I started making guitars because I wasn’t a good enough guitarist and I somehow viscerally understood how to build instruments. I thought I had a lot to offer, but the people around me, for the most part, didn’t think so.

So the main inspiration was to spend a life of trying to build guitars the best I could, rather then being one of those people who dies saying they could’ve tried harder.

The reason I didn’t go all the way to 25 1/2" is because Hendrix and SRV were tuning guitars down to Eb or D because the strings were too tight when tuned to pitch.

So it was an based decision, not a compromised guess.I’ve always been surprised at how well it worked—especially when I saw other companies building 25" scale fret-slotting machines.Another problem with either the 24 3/4" or 25 1/2" scale-length instruments is that if somebody grew up on a short-scale guitar, they wouldn’t play a longer one and vice versa. And while he’s talking about measurements, Paul wants to clear the air on fretboard radiuses.People think that old Les Pauls have a 12" fretboard radius—they don’t, because all the ones I’ve measured had a radius of 10".I’ve just felt it’s the most comfortable to most hands and so that’s why I’ve pretty much always stuck by that radius.I’ve never had an artist complain about the 10" radius.

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