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The water bodies can include open-ocean, river rescue or flooded areas.They also assist in natural disasters such as hurricanes.CNN interviewed Petty Officer John Rice, United States Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer, about the duties during and after Hurricane Ike.

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When someone was found, a rescue swimmer would lower from the helicopter by a cable to the victim, attach the victim to the cable and then lift him back up into the aircraft.

According to Chief Petty Officer Thor Wentz, the rescue training school has the highest dropout rate of any special unit school in the military.

About 75 candidates are accepted each year and less that half make it through.

Wentz says most students don't even make it into the pool before quitting. In 2004, an entire class of 12 was dismissed in the first week.

If it's your aspiration to one day become a United States Coast Guard rescue swimmer, be prepared for long and gruelling training. Candidates for the rescue swimming team face the same challenges as any potential Army Ranger, Navy SEAL and Air Force Pararescueman.

Department of Defense, the rescue swimmers division is made up of only 300 people.The Department of Defense supplied a 2004 interview with Chief Petty Officer Thor Wentz, who assists in running the rescue swimmer's school.The elite of the elite of Coast Guards divisions, rescue swimmers are those who free-fall or lower into turbulent water to rescue people.The first course a student will go through is airmen training.It's a four-month course that prepares the candidates for the rescue swimming course.The airmen phase gets the candidate used to life at a Coast Guard Air Station and, Wentz said, "to see if they have what it takes to become a rescue swimmer." This phase is a test to see if the candidate has the mental toughness to proceed in the training.

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