Dating a girl who has a boyfriend Sex chat uber skype

If you meet a girl with a boyfriend, MOVE ON Feel free to be friends with her if you want, assuming she’s cool and you actually want to be platonic friends with her.

I find that beautiful women can end up being some of the most fun friends you have.

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Even some of the best dating coaches in the world, guys I (mistakenly) used to look up to, will go out of their way to hunt down and destroy a relationship when they know a girl has a boyfriend. It’s one thing if the girl doesn’t tell you she’s dating anyone (that can’t be helped), but some guys will go for a girl when they know she has a boyfriend she lives with, or even a husband!

The right answer when a girl has a boyfriend is to stop pursuing her sexually.

If you’re getting high off feeling superior to guys your cuckolding, you’re missing the point of learning to be charismatic.

And if you’re living in a world where there is only one girl you’re focused on and you’re willing to hurt people to get her, you’ve missed the boat. After all, if you say no, she’ll just cheat with someone else, right? Believing that a girl who gets with you would be willing to get with any average dude is an incredibly low self-esteem belief.

“ The girl I like has a boyfriend / This awesome girl I met has a boyfriend- what do I do??

” There are a lot of amazing women who happen to be in relationships when you meet them. Beautiful, fun, smart, charming girls tend to find boyfriends at some point. Maybe she’s a friend of yours that you’ve known for years.

Either way, you know you’d like to date her, and you know she has a boyfriend. One option is to pretend that you just want to be friends so that you can get close to her, then plant seeds of doubt about her boyfriend and seeds of attraction about yourself. Or you could go for broke, try for it all in one night – just take her out and use your charisma to get her so attracted to you and aroused by you that in the heat of the moment she acts on those emotions.

Both of these options will definitely work, but I think the only real way to go when you meet a girl with a boyfriend is with option #3: Seriously, what the fuck?!

It’s only true if you yourself are an average dude.

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