Dating a geeky guy

Creating how to describe yourself is the toughest part to getting started in dating online.

Online Datine Profiles don't have to be full of cryptic language or rambling paragraphs that sound good at the time.

SFX and minimal plot to get in the way of the action scenes. Any particular big-budget genre movie, especially starring Robert Downey, Jr. For horror: Dawn of the Dead (original and 2004 remake), 28 Days Later, Paranormal Activity, The Ring Because of the various levels of cable these days, it’s worth breaking them down into separate categories: Tits. True Blood is glorious, trashy TV with pretty people in an almost absurdly cartoonish world where vampires and other supernatural beasties have officially “come out of the coffin” – plus it’s by Alan Ball who created Six Feet Under. The writers really have no problem putting all of their characters through the wringer; hell, they really don’t have any problem with straight up MURDERING characters. The thing I really like about Supernatural/Vampire Diaries/Beauty and the Beast/Arrow is that it’s about the characters.

Honestly, this isn’t going to be too hard of a sell. The Tudors is The Sopranos overlaid on Henry The Eighth. Yeah the plots can get a little on the cliched side, but when you get right down to it, the characters’ relationships are the most compelling part of the show…

Of the top 10 highest grossing movies world-wide, 9 out of 10 of them are geek movies involving superheroes (Avengers, ), aliens (Avatar, Star Wars: Episode 1), boy-wizards, pirates and toys. the genre elements of it – the vampires/monsters/superheroes – it’s brutally honest about how relationships work. A bunch of social maladjusts and neckbeards with massive collections of multi-sided dice and badly painted toy soldiers sitting in their parents’ half-finished basement covered in stale Cheeto dust and discared energy drink cans lamenting their perpetual virginity.

Why worry about the possibility of being mocked for what you like when you can just stick to your own kind? If you tell your date that you’re into Japanese animation in the same apologetic tone that you might say that spaghetti carbonara gives you explosive diarrhea, respond to passion.

Passion is an incredibly attractive trait; we like passionate people because they have something to their lives besides their humdrum every day events. Much like genre movies, this isn’t really going to be a hard sell. On the CW: Very bad acting by very pretty people who take their shirts off a lot.

Your date may not be a geek – he or she may not even be geek-curious, but if you can talk about your geeky interest with passion and explain what it is you like about it… Game of Thrones is a legitimate cultural phenomenon, while shows like True Blood and Spartacus are the classic definition of trashy guilty pleasure. On the networks: Cheese on top of cheese followed by more cheese.well even if it’s not thing, they’ll be far more interested in it. Now, sometimes it can be difficult to articulate just what it is that you like about your interests. I’ve tabulated a little cheat sheet to help you understand how others see your hobby, how to explain why you like it in a way they’ll understand, and even some examples that you can suggest they try for themselves. Expand it further and you don’t hit a non-geek movie until #38 (2012) and #39 (The Da Vinci Code). If you’re into b-movies, then you want to talk about the fact that they’re just so bad that they’re . Game of Thrones is fantasy for people who hate fantasy, eschewing the usual tropes for a brutal world that focuses on political intrigue and a civil war between rival families where Machiavellian plotting and sudden but inevitable betrayals are the order of the day. Alternately: Mysteries for the sake of mysteries wrapped in a conundrum and folded into a tasty pastry shell made of powdered enigmas that will NEVER EVER EVER be resolved. On the CW: “Hey, don’t mistake this for being a girly romance show just because $ACTOR_NAME is really, pretty: this is hands down some of the darkest, most violent TV I’ve seen in a while.I’ve talked a bit about how nerds have an unfortunate tendency to buy into the self-limiting belief that being a nerd is somehow a hinderance to dating. It can be hard to want to dip a toe into the dating pool when you’re worried about when the getting-to-know-you conversation will inevitably turn to “So, what are you into?It’s always struck me as a little odd; generally we like to say that we’re to be geeks, but when it comes to talking about the things we’re into… ” It can be difficult to meet new people when you feel as though you have to justify your interests every single time you meet someone new.well, geeks tend to get a little on the defensive side. Small wonder some geeky guys get fetishize geek girls. Just as kinksters and fetishists have learned over the years, people will respond to how you deliver the news. You can repeat the process with Browncoats, otaku, even table-top gamers – scratch a nerd and you’ll find somebody who’s used to being given a ration of shit for what she or he is into.

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