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In addition, I also did a tutorial on finding SQL Server databases, and I recommend reading both of those guides before continuing below.

Let's load up mssql_login: Back Track has a wordlist specially built for MS SQL password hacking with over 57,000 commonly used SQL passwords at /pentest/exploits/fasttrack/bin/

In this case, our target is at, and we will set our THREADS to 20.

As you can see, after testing over 57,000 passwords (it takes a few minutes, so be patient), it found the password on our sa account of "Null Byte". Now we have full sysadmin privileges on the database that we can hopefully convert to full system sysadmin privileges.

Now that we have full sysadmin (sa) on the MS SQL database, we are going to leverage that to full system sysadmin privileges.

MS SQL Server has a stored procedure named xp_cmdshell that enables the sa account to gain a system command shell with full system admin rights.

If we can invoke that command shell, we may be able to load the payload of our choice on the system and own that system.Metasploit has a exploit module named windows/mssql/mssqlpayload that attempts to do this. Now that we have the meterpreter on this system thanks to the xp_cmdshell stored procedure, we can begin to wreak havoc on this system. A short while back, I began a new series on database hacking, and now it's time to continue and extend your education in that field.As you know, the database contains all of the most valuable info for the hacker, including personally identifiable information, credit card numbers, intellectual property, etc.So, it's the ultimate goal of cybercrime and the APT hacker.If you haven't read my guide on getting started in database hacking, this would be a good time to brush up on some basic concepts.

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