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Apartment rooms can be just as expensive as hotel rooms and do not necessarily provide more comfort as it is not uncommon for the bathrooms to be shared with other guests.Private apartments usually require a minimum of a 3 – 4 night commitment and can cost over EUR 1000 per night.It is important to note that cost is largely dependent on location and standard.

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Space in these designated areas is limited and crowds are known to form at least 2 hours before the Run.

This is especially true at the beginning of the San Fermin Festival and the opening ceremonies for the Running of the Bulls™.

Later in the week, it may be possible to claim a viewing spot at street level just behind the barrier that separates the medical staff from spectators and the Bull Run (encierro).

It is important to note that you would need to arrive by a.m.

in order to claim a spot, and there is a chance that you could still lose that location when the police open the gates to let out surplus runners as they will then be fighting for your spot as well. during the first days of the festival as well as on weekends in order to secure a spot at the barrier.

Standard hotel rooms in Pamplona, Spain typically range between EUR 200 and EUR 2000 for the San Fermin Fiesta, depending on the time of the week.

It is often more affordable to avoid the 7th, 8th and weekends when booking as the crowds are smaller.

Planning your Pamplona trip for the Running of the Bulls™ can feel overwhelming at times, especially if this is your first visit.

Find answers to the most important and commonly asked questions about touring with Runningofthe and the San Fermin Festival to make your adventure stress-free.

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