British born chinese dating website speed dating hints

So encase you don’t know this am single, so pretty much do what I want and when I want without having to answer to anyone.That wasn’t much of an ‘issue’ back a couple years when I stepped out on a long term relationship – but now with a few years down the block and those birthdays seems to be closer and closer you start to think is it time to really start looking and making more or an effort?Mr Right isn’t going to drop down from the ceiling so I have bravely and somewhat secretively signed up on an online dating site.

British born chinese dating website

The whole dating thing is like a game and at 29 it feels like hard work! maybe the next one will be Mr Right or perhaps the whole idea looking for love isn’t really my destiny.

All you single girls – I do believe in the whole online thing but wouldn’t it just be nice to meet someone in a more fair tale way… Just a little background about me ~ British born Chinese girl living in Scotland and working in the capital city of Edinburgh.

I thought it might me nice to start a blog and document what I get up too in my final year in my twenties! I commute by train but that would soon be ending as the plan is to move into the city by Easter, as I loaf having to pay to not even get a seat for the 30 mins jounery most mornings!

Oh did I forget to mention he’s BBC but so much more western than me.

He texts me and says he had a good time etc, very general and I responded with a bit of tongue and cheek to a statement he said.

After that its been pretty quiet, nothing not a bleep!

So I get it am not right for you, fine – but it would be nice to say lets be friends as these days how often do we get to meet new people out with the office?

I wouldn’t say I have a type or preference but I do if I can meet someone that is a BBC like me, that still have a bit of the Chinese culture within them.

The most recent date was last Friday and it all seem to be going well lending up to it, we we’re texting for about a week with general day to day chat, bit of flirting.

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