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He then started touching my niece (the same age as me) and he would make us do things to him, and to eachother.

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I was too scared to tell them about that, so I just left it at touching. I hadn't truely dealt with the issues of my past and I was finding it hard.

He was stopped from coming to visit and he later admitted it to his dad (my ex-step dad) that he did touch us. So I ended up telling my brother (we were really close - he was a lot older) he then told me I had to tell my mum about the rape, she would be able to help me - I didnt know what was in store though. I was under the control of a rapist/child abuser once again.

I told my mum about a week later and I in turn found out, she had been raped from the age of 4-14. She supported me throughout this and she advised me its best not to report it to the police - I'm not sure why. ) About 2-3 months after telling my mum about the rape I met my biological father, for the first time ever - he had left her pregnant. He threatened me and told me it was our little secret - the same as the last one! After I had begged my mum (under his instruction) to let me stay with him, I was allowed to live with him. on weekends he was restricted to just at night times when everyone was asleep.

I was six years old when my babysitter's fifteen year old son, T--, began molesting me and my little sister.

He fondled me, tried to penetrate me and forced me to do oral sex on him.

Two years later, my sister and I told someone what was happening. But, then the babysitter, R--, who was an intimidating woman, convinced her that we made it all up. I believe that is the reason that she later became seriously mentally ill. So, the only justice I feel like I can get now is to tell my story.

We were taken back to her the next day and she remained our babysitter for 5 more years. T-- joined the Navy when he was 18 and died in a freak shooting accident less than a year later. She has Schitzo-affective disorder, a combination of Bi Polar I and Schitzophrenia. Only now do I realize there is something seriously wrong with a 38 year old man having sex with a fifteen year old girl!! by Sarah (Location Undisclosed) Looking back, I remember the day my mum told me that my dad wasn't my dad. But I was 7 years old, so I didn't take it in that much really.

R-- became an alcholic and finally beat my sister and I with a belt. Then, when I was fifteen, I met a 38 year old Music Publisher. (I am a songwriter, singer and play guitar) For three years I had a sexual affair with this man, until one night my sister and I spent the night at his house and he assaulted her. I remember a few months after that, my step brother started to touch me, he told me it was "our little secret" and that I wasnt to tell anyone about it, or else he would kill me. As I was pinned down to the floor, by the side of my bed, I felt the horrible pain throughout my body, I lay there in pure shock, scared for my life, crying.

She woke up to him putting his fingers inside of her. He then started speaking in a really smug, sweet voice and said 'that was good wasn't it?

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