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Girls Only NYC founder, curator and artist Antonia Marsh has realised this – and wants to help you realise it too, by celebrating the bed in all its glory through her new group show, aptly titled .Talking to us tucked up amongst her own duvet and pillows, we spoke with Marsh to find out more, ahead of its launch this Thursday 11 February.How and why did you come up with the idea to explore the bed?

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That said, what’s your favourite thing to do in bed?

Antonia Marsh: Oddly enough, kind of like you mentioned, the range of activities that go on in bed are so broad. I love waking up and making myself a coffee and getting back into bed with it to write or whatever, it’s a real luxury that I get to do that, and for some reason it’s only okay to do in the morning while I’m still in my pants.

Do you think the connection and importance of our beds evolve as we get older? I used to hate going to bed when I was a child, it would be such a nightmare trying to get me to go to sleep – which probably speaks to my character now!

And then it occurred to me that the same might go for other photographers, at which point I started reaching out, plus Valentine’s Day is on the horizon and I wanted to sex it up a bit for people this year.

As a 20-something-year-old woman sharing a flat with three other poeple, I feel like my bed is the one place that really feels mine. They are such personal, individualised spaces and yet they mean pretty similar things to each of us.

A lot goes on in the bed, from the obvious; sleeping; sex; crying; but then also eating; working; Skype meetings; selfies; thinking; procrastinating. I was talking to one of the photographers in the show, Marcel Castenmiller, about this exact subject, and he used the metaphor of the bed being like an island, a safe space.

We are totally stripped down and ourselves, and when you invite another person to share this space with you it becomes even more intensely intimate.

The baby has come as a shock to Antonia, who began seeing Adams at the start of 2009. Despite this generosity, Antonia’s friend said: ‘When he is busy then love life comes second.

The friend said: ‘Antonia had kept their relationship to herself for a few months. I know an ex-girlfriend of his from way back and she said he was very selfish and everything was only on his terms.’Alicia, 31, who is the daughter of the Isle of Wight’s deputy lieutenant Peter Grimaldi, met Adams in 2004 while helping to set up his Bryan Adams Foundation, which provides grants to support vulnerable people.

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