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Like that iconic '50s-early-'60s series, 8 Simple Rules humorously acknowledged little truths about the way parents and their teenage children interact, their conflicts, teenage angst and parental paranoia.

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On September 11, 2003 - coincidentally the second anniversary of 9/11 - the popular veteran star of the show, John Ritter, fell ill during rehearsals that afternoon.

Later that evening he was dead, having suffered a catastrophic aortic dissection. Ritter had completed just three second-season episodes.

The show was never a big hit - in its first year it ranked 43rd out of 149 rated primetime shows - and there was talk of scrapping the series then and there, but the decision was made to soldier on, to have Ritter's character die, too, and to incorporate the ongoing grief felt among cast members and the crew into the show's first wave of new scripts.

Though shows here and there have drawn parallels between the sudden death of a cast member with the character they played, never had this been done to the extent 8 Simple Rules did.

The results were almost unique, and the writing and performances unusually good for normally innocuous ABC "TGIF" fare.

Later in the season, the show's producers unwisely tried to fill Ritter's pole position with a badly cast, one-trick pony of a comedian.

But for a while there, 8 Simple Rules made for compelling, even insightful comedy-drama.

The series, actually 8 Simple Rules..Dating My Teenage Daughter (shortened only after Ritter's last appearances), was based on humorist W.

Bruce Cameron's book of the same name, and starred Ritter as a suburban Detroit-based newspaper columnist, Paul Hennessy.

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